Gas Malaysia Retail Services

Gas Malaysia Retail Services Sdn Bhd (GMRS) or formerly known as Gas Malaysia (LPG) Sdn Bhd (GMLPG) was incorporated in 25 March 1992 to carry out the distribution of reticulated liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and natural gas (NG) for residential and commercial segments.

GMRS is constantly aiming to provide a safe, reliable and efficient LPG and NG supply to users. The name GMRS was recently adopted in order to reflect the nature of the business which has progressed to become the metered service provider to Retail Licensees under the Third-Party Access (TPA) regime. Under the TPA concept, GMRS will be supplying LPG in bulk to Retail Licensees and offering the metered service for both LPG and NG. In addition, GMRS has been appointed as an agent for Gas Malaysia Energy and Services Sdn Bhd (GMES) to promote and sell natural gas to the residential and commercial sectors.

GMRS operation is based in its main office at Jalan Gurney Kuala Lumpur which oversees the supply of LPG and NG for users in Peninsular Malaysia. Currently, GMRS is serving gas to more than 500 sites with a total of approximately 25,500 residential customers and about 2,100 commercial customers with corporate customers such as Giant, Tesco, Mydin and The Stores.