Natural Gas

Gas Malaysia Energy and Services Sdn Bhd, we firmly believe that natural gas is essential for the future. With the variety of advantages made available from this energy source, we are eager to share the benefits and innovative solutions, which natural gas can bring to your business.

In Malaysia, natural gas is widely used for industrial activities such as the production of rubber products, oleo chemicals, steel, glass and consumer products.

Advantages of Natural Gas

Cost Savings

Our customers can enjoy savings, as natural gas is a premium fuel that is priced competitively.

Fuel Efficiency

Natural gas offers higher fuel efficiency compared to other petroleum products and is easily controlled at the point of use.

No Storage

Gas Malaysia supplies natural gas to homes and businesses throughout Peninsular Malaysia via pipelines. Therefore, there is no need for storage tanks. Our pipelines ensure stable supply of gas to your premises.

Better Product Quality

With no emission of soot or ash during combustion, contamination of the end products are minimised effectively, which indirectly relates to a higher return on investment for your business.


Natural gas is lighter than air and easily disperses in the event of gas leak. Hence, the probability of sparking off is minimised, compared with heavier gases. For added security, a pungent odoriser known as mercaptan is added to forewarn users in case of gas leakage.


Natural gas is clean, it emits minimal amounts of sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide. Moreover, ash or soot is not released upon combustion, which prevents air contamination.

Lower Maintenance Cost

Decrease in maintenance cost since soot or ash accumulation and greasy spillages are absent from your appliances.