Work Permit

Obtaining A Work Permit

Work permits serve as a guideline for Gas Malaysia to supervise or monitor any third party activity. All third party works and activities within the vicinity of Gas Malaysia’s installations, require authorisation by means of a work permit. It is issued on a day-to-day basis, taking into consideration the location as well as the activity executed.

Who Needs To Apply

You need to apply for a work permit if your construction work:

  • Is on or within 2 meters of a gas installation
  • Involves trenchless construction and is within 3 meters of a gas installation.
  • Involves welding or other work that generates enough heat / sparks to ignite a flame.
  • Requires entrance into an enclosed area harmful to people.
  • Bypasses a gas meter or disables a safety device, or part of the safety system
  • Results in natural gas venting (any activity which may cause flammable gas to be released to the atmosphere).
  • uses a mobile crane swinging a load over unprotected above-ground facilities
  • Includes radiographic activity – for example, examination of welded joints in any non-destructive test.


Where To Apply

Work permits should be obtained from the nearest branch office of the intended activity area before commencing excavation or construction work.


The Process

How a Work Permit is Issued