Make the smart choice and partner with us. We supply clean energy to meet industrial needs.

At Gas Malaysia Energy and Services Sdn Bhd, we are in the business of supplying natural gas to serve customers across industries and meet their energy needs.

Be it for powering furnaces, boilers, or any other industrial applications, excellent service delivery has long been the core of our business operations. The advantage of natural gas continues to grow across industrial sectors.

As a testament to our vast experience in supplying natural gas, GMES is the leading provider of natural gas serving customers in more markets than any other natural gas supplier Malaysia. GMES draws on its wealth of exposure on deregulated natural gas market to offer customers excellent service at competitive prices.

How Industries Use Natural Gas

Natural gas can be used in many ways. It can be used at home for cooking, heating purposes, air conditioning as well as powering a variety of other useful appliances.

What about the industrial sector? How is natural gas utilised for the benefit of their businesses?

In the industrial sector, natural gas is often used as a raw material for products such as hydrogen, fertilisers and plastics. It is also commonly used as an energy source for food processing, glass making steel fabrication and widely used to produce electricity via cogeneration.

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